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  • Would you love to be able to pay yourself a proper salary?
  • Would you love to learn more about mental health and what helps?
  • Would you love to learn more about stress and resilience?
  • Would you love to increase your knowledge of workplace wellbeing?
  • Would you love to help others experience the benefits of yoga?
  • Are you motivated, engaging and a great communicator?
  • Would you love to learn new workshop delivery skills?
  • Are you interested in delivering tried and tested packages in resilience and wellbeing that have had amazing feedback?

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Build a yoga business that suits your lifestyle with a large potential income


We will help you navigate the twists and turns of business


Be supported in your own development and learn new skills


Help more people experience the benefits of yoga beyond a yoga mat

Become part of a team and have regular coaching and team building sessions

What we do



We believe getting moving is SO important for our mental and physical health. We use yoga-inspired moves that can be done anytime and anywhere.



Getting our brains in the present moment can be life changing! It can help us focus and be less anxious, stressed and react to situations differently. We're passionate about making mindfulness practical and accessible to all



Small shifts in our mindset can make a huge difference to how we feel. We help people look at the world differently

Why the world needs us



We do things differently. We've blended yoga, mindfulness and psychology in a different way to make it work for you



Our sessions are 'not just yoga'. They are a fusion of ancient yoga principles with modern day psychological theory for maximum impact. There is no-one else who does what we do.


Evidence based

This is not just 'woo-woo' stuff that we making up. All of our sessions are based in evidence. More than that, they are based from years of experience with relevant professional bodies. We do what works.

What others have said

About Office Om's Founder

Hello! I'm Cathy Bailey

I'm on a mission to help people feel better every day. There is so much out there that helps, but also so much mis-information and ideas that just aren't practical. I want to change this. I want everyone to be empowered with skills and strategies to use when life gets tough.

I created Office Om from my yoga experience combined with strategies for change learnt as a counsellor. I've practiced yoga for over twenty years and I have over 10 years experience as a counsellor. I love using this experience to make a positive impact.